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About Sunhouse

Sunhouse has over 30 years of experience within the field of sun regulation. Based on the expertise and experience that we have acquired over the years, we guarantee our customers that we deliver top quality products with excellent service. It has allowed us to get a good view of our customers’ needs and desires. What is it that you want and absolutely don’t want? In our work we are driven by this notion. What is the result? A high quality glass pergola that can be suited to everyone’s taste. In short, we deliver high quality products of Dutch produce.

Our philosophy is to provide excellent customer service. Sunhouse takes care of everything for you, from requests for a quotation to the right permits. As our customer you do not need to worry about anything.
Sunhouse offers a well-organized, versatile and professional product line. It is divided into a variety of widely divergent styles, where quality, custom-made products, service and a guarantee are of paramount importance. With an investment in a Sunhouse glass pergola you are sure to get a timeless, easy-maintenance system that adds value to your home.

Sunhouse offers excellent guarantee conditions. We are also a member of the Dutch Metal Union (Metaalunie) and Romazo. A Sunhouse glass pergola increases your quality of life and does justice to your most expensive asset, your home.